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El Paso 19.9.14


Niall partying in Vegas

i’m in the middle should i take a half and hour nap or should i just shower now so i wouldn’t be late for class???

“If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”


no you misheard, i said i’m a niallist, i believe all external features of reality are intrinsically meaningless except for niall horan



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carolinewatson_: My baby bro Malik x #vegasnights CW xx


The fact that Liam told us that they don’t want to play WMYB anymore makes it even more fun to watch. Dance for me, puppets. 




harry: reads rumours about him being gay on twitter

harry: doesn’t tweet anything offending because being gay isn’t bad

harry: tweets about the weather instead

harry: takes bite from banana

harry: chills

harry: keeps chilling

harry: never stops chilling